India's first Social Organization working to create awareness in Cyber Security and Cyber Crime for almost a decade now.
Registered with Central Social Welfare Board, Govt. of India
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National Anti-Hacking Group, a non-profitable social organization is the largest open source group of experts from across the globe involved into social service of creating awareness in the field of cyber security and to reduce the increasing Cyber Crimes. The old adage , "information is power" is now changed to "securing information is protecting power" . We strengthen the hands of people by strengthening the power that runs the world in this age of the internet .

The Organization enjoys an impeccable reputation for it's commitment and innovative approach in protecting the national information infrastructure. The list of our clients include reputed institutions and enterprises both government and non government. We are invited on a regular basis to educate , create awareness and find solutions to Cyber/Digital Information Security. The organization voluntarily render regular service to providers who cater to society and service sectors for example Govt. Organizations, Educational Institutes, Corporate Houses engagged in financial and service sectors.

NAG has been established with the objective of protecting cyber crime and is committed to living up to its objectives. The organization also contributes towards fulfilling social responsibilities . It conducts free of cost awareness programs for the young children,housewives and the youth. We often provide security solutions to individuals and families because we genuinely believe that social conseousness is primary to achieving peaceful cyber co-existence. The organization believes in making the cyber world accessible and secure from the unseen criminals of the wired & wireless world. Protecting the national information heritage, financial freedom, privacy of the individuals and intellectual property from the global menace of unseen criminals is a social necessity.

Whatever problem or solutions that we have offered concerns the society at large. The apex bodies in the field of Business, governance, social sectors, educational bodies, aviation and bodies affiliated to International Organizations, United Nation Youth Assembly have all not only credited the contribution but also have also ceremonially recognized & awarded our selfless effort.

The work we do actually benefits society and so mankind !

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